So Many Thank You’s*

To say our book launch celebration was a success would be a gross understatement.  We had the BEST TIME.  I know so many of our loyal friends and family could not be there, but we love you and appreciate you!  For those of you that could, we can’t thank you enough. There were some serious accomplished authors and just plain wonderful people there who graciously donated to the Jane Austen Literary Foundation for a signed book of The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen.

I am in the US, though still another leg to go before I’m home and I already miss the city of Bath and everyone there (and those in Alton too ;)). Cass was concerned that I would feel my family and friends were not represented at the launch but she forgot I adopted her family and friends long ago as my own.  Plus I felt the love from back home (a reminder social media can be great!).

We hope you enjoy some photos of the evening.  If you look closely enough at them you will see our fantastic husbands who gave us a beautiful toast, a few of our effervescent supporters (including Ann from the Bath Central Library who shared some very appropriate volumes from 1796) and Cass placing our book in the Austen book shelf in 4 Sydney Place maintained and let by Bath Boutique Stays.

For those of you who have already received the book: we are so glad!  Please do us a favor and review the book on your favorite review location.

Thank you everyone so so very much!




*I wasn’t sure whether to use Thank Yous or Thank You’s and I asked the internet and it wasn’t terribly helpful:

3 thoughts on “So Many Thank You’s*

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories of your trip with us, Ada. It sounds as if you had a great trip, albeit far too short. I hope your journey home has gone smoothly, as I assume you ARE home by now?

    Rest assured ladies, I will definitely be buying a copy of your book if I don’t have the luck to win one of your very generous giveaways. Then I can ambush Cass for a signature on her next trip to Harrogate!

    Best wishes to you both.

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    1. Anji, you have been such a wonderful support, thank you SO much!

      We had an amazing time together with our husbands in Bath and the party was so much fun. We all wanted to do it all over again!

      We got back last night (family wedding in Suffolk straight after leaving Bath), Ada got home on Saturday after a very long journey home.

      New guest post this week from Hazel Mills and another giveaway opportunity, so good luck in the draw!!

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