About the Book

A story about friendship, fun and the Jane Austen Festival – with one very special guest!

The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Ada Bright & Cass Grafton was released in paperback and eBook formats on 7th July 2016!

You can order the book through the links here, or if you want to read a sample, try the ‘Look Inside‘ feature on Amazon!

In Brief:

What would life be like if something had prevented Jane Austen from ever publishing any of her books? Dedicated Janeite, Rose, is about to find out!

PrintThe Blurb:

It’s September, and the city of Bath is playing host to the annual Jane Austen Festival, a celebration of the famous author and her works.

Rose Wallace, Bath resident and avid Jane Austen fan, isn’t only looking forward to the  Festival, though.

Her anticipation is at its height because also attending this year will be one of her best friends, an American called Morgan, and this will be the first time in their 7-year online friendship they will meet in person! To add a further frisson of excitement, it’s the one time a year she gets to see her secret crush, an eminent archaeologist who often comes to the Festival to deliver a presentation.

What Rose doesn’t know is that one person attending the Festival has a stronger connection to it than anyone else; someone who will turn Rose’s orderly life upside down by sharing an astonishing secret with her, after which the entire legacy of Jane Austen’s work fades into oblivion.

With the happy melody of her life in tatters, Rose has to face up to a new one; a life devoid of her favourite books, characters, her beloved job and home and even some of her friends.

With the support of a displaced two hundred year old author and a charmed necklace, can Rose help to bring back some of the most beloved stories of all time and turn her own life around in the process?







10 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. I take it from this synopsis that the title has a double meaning? Well, it’s certainly enough to tempt me, and I’ll be adding this title to my Must-Read list. If I’m lucky in this contest I’ll be reading it sooner than later, and many thanks for this post and this generous give-away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, well spotted on the double meaning! 😉

      I’m afraid the first giveaway had ended, but there will be a new one tomorrow, so do please come along and read and comment to enter!


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