Tabby Cow

tabbycowupdownWhat is Tabby Cow?

Our Blog name and paperback publishing imprint!

Why is it called that?

Both Ada and Cass love cats. Especially tabby cats.

Both Ada and Cass like words and language. But Ada is particularly fascinated by the quirks of the English language, or rather, the weird words the Brits use from time to time!

Amongst those which delighted her early on in the friendship were cheerio (which she thought was interchangeable with hello as well. Note from Ada: Wait, it’s not?), chuffing, spiffing, and also, the friendly insult – cow! (To which Ada would invariably respond with a moo).

When it came to naming our new Blog and our publishing imprint, it was a natural transition to Tabby Cow!

Further note from Ada: And as much joy as we both get from writing together, there are times when an English person has a need to call her friend a cow.

Who drew the cute logo?

Ada’s talented Mom!

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