Cass & Ada in Bath Part 2

What day is it again?  I am highly thrown off by that question, but otherwise overjoyed to have spent another day with Cass and family and friends in Bath.

We are so thankful for the support of family and friends far and near – but we’ll save that speech for tomorrow.

For now, here is what we were up to on WEDNESDAY (that’s right, right? Yes, Wednesday)

We went to the beautifully preserved Lacock.  We had a great lunch on The Carpenter’s Arms where I learned “lemonade” here is basically Sprite.

Then we had a drink at The Boater before dinner at Bill’s Restaurant (both highlighted in our BOOK which launches TOMORROW).  At dinner we met with the wonderful Julia, the effervescent Chrystal, and the fantastic Rachel & Rob.

We are gearing up for tomorrow where we might not get things posted here for a little while, but we’ll try!  Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Cass & Ada in Bath Part 2

  1. Traveling always makes me lose track of days, too. The Red Lion Arms looks so inviting. Neat pics of the friends and the abbey, too.

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    1. There was quite an assembly of PEOPLE 😉 but no, no dancing, no gentlemen in want of a wife… not that we could have obliged if there had been ;).


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