Double Giveaway Winners Announced!

PrintWe’ve finally come to the end of our first series of Guest Posts to celebrate the launch of our debut co-written novel, The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen!

Thank you so much to our seven lovely guests, who generously gave their time to write a blog post for us, sent us oodles of photos and responded to the lovely comments on each post.

Thank you also to all the many commenters from around the world who read the guest posts and entered each week’s draw, and congratulations to all our winners!

Today, we’re delighted to announce the last two giveaway winners for this series, and they are:

US Winner

Karylee Marin

Rest of the World Winner


Congratulations to you both! We will contact you by email to find out your choice of book and your address for the Jane Austen goodies!

And thank you again to our gallery of guests! You’ve all been amazing, and we hope you’ll come back to see us again soon!



28 thoughts on “Double Giveaway Winners Announced!

  1. Congratulations Karylee and thatlittlegirl! Enjoy your prizes and thanks Cass and Ada for the whole thing, it’s been such fun!

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  2. Congrats to both of the winners! Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I’m doing right now.

    Thanks Cass and Ada for your lovely, generous giveaways, fascinating guest posts here and your own posts elsewhere. I couldn’t be there right from the start but certainly had fun once I was able to join in.

    Looking forward very much to your next project.

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    1. Thank you, Anji! And, I bet I will! I have it in my hands, and am already loving the cover, the feel of it, and the looks, the dedication, the title page font…. I like to get acquainted with a book before I dive in.

      I’m about to dive. Enjoy yours. Karylee

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      1. Good luck. I hope you find one, and that you like it.

        I had fun earlier this evening cross-referencing between Rose’s tumultuous day at work, awaiting Morgan’s arrival, and the excellent index in the Myer book. Quickly found a very cool illustration of ‘Laura Place seen through the gateway of Sydney Gardens.’

        Myer wrote, “Mr.Austen hankered after Laura Place, but it was too expensive for the Austen family.”

        As we say down here at the border, “Me gusta mucho!” FUN. (I’m a geek, especially when it comes to Jane.)

        I can still summon the physical and spiritual senses of being immediately upon her buggy, in the barn, her final mode of transport. I was there nearly 35 years ago!


        Btw, I’m sensing now that your and Ada’s book is a keeper. 🙂

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  3. Dear Cass and Ada,

    I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! And you two Mrs. Clauses knew JUST what I wanted! Truly.

    I am smiling all over. I wanted the colouring book before I ever ‘met’ you, I’m in love with the paper dolls, and the bracelet!, AND all the other goodies!! The Peacock bag means so much to me, too. I’ve longed for a Peacock edition. I love the Particular Charm bookmarks! Nice job!

    And you’ve both been so sweet as to enquire about my health. Finally on the upswing, thank goodness.

    MOST importantly, the BEST part…. I have the book ~ YOUR creation ~ WOW ~ IN my hands. It is just gorgeous, and WAY so for a paperback. The cover paper is just wonderful, so smooth and satisfying (I’m a picky old bookseller/teacher/library person from way back).

    I love the fonts and design on the title pages, and the fantastic design and concept of the cover. The
    Royal Crescent is exquisite, bathed in light and shadows.

    Mostly, of what I’ve discovered thus far… the dedication… so very lovely. My bonnet truly is off to you, Ladies. And no more touching and appropriate dedication could you have devised. Moves me.

    Here I go…. I can read again!


    So excited!


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    1. Karylee, I am SO happy you are feeling much better! Sending hugs for continued improved health, and happy reading!

      I love that you love the detail of the physical book so much; thank you for letting us know, it means the world!


      1. My pleasure! And, yes, I find the physical very important. I’m old school. I had just finished a bestseller from over here, “The Nest,” (quite the read), and wrote to my friend in Chicago how satisfying I found the nice thick paper. I love those things. Used to sell books when they were more highly regarded, in terms of the physical. Fell in love with them.

        I love the way Hazel described the spine of her Estonian P&P… made me long to touch it.

        I’ll take the hugs, gladly, and send mine rightbackatcha over the ocean floor.

        Thank you, Cass!!

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  4. And, Ada, I forgot to mention… thanks so much for getting the package off to me so quickly. I have kept it near me as incentive to feel better, and it worked!!

    And you make lovely CARDS, too!??? What don’t you ladies DO?

    Thanks ever so, again,


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    1. Hey – Completely did not realize we were having a party in the comments section of this post. You all are already passed out on the floor with confetti in your hair. SIGH. WHATEVER. I hate being late to parties. Or anywhere. And snicker – my mom and I are artists so we make stuff ;), we can’t seem to help it. My local UPS place is so funny. Half the time they tell me “oh it’ll be there in a week” (no matter where the location) and with yours “It will be there tomorrow.” And I’m like.. uh – well, ok… hopefully that doesn’t look over eager!
      SPEAKING of – I’m in Coronado with family often! Maybe we can meet up for “coffee” sometime (I don’t drink coffee, but I don’t mind sitting around in coffee shops watching other people drink coffee).


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  5. Oh, I also wanted to mention, to you two and your followers…

    I finally was able to read again, after nearly a week (torture), last night. Before turning to my stellar

    windfall, I finished my read interrupted:

    A very engrossing and deeply researched, if a bit dry in places, bio of our dear Jane. I couldn’t put it

    down, now that I’m feeling better.

    I wanted to pass it along, for those who might be interested:

    Jane Austen
    Obstinate Heart

    A Biography by

    Valerie Grosvenor Myer

    pub 1997
    Arcade Publishing, New York

    I had found it some time ago in a used bookstore here in La Mesa. Maxwell’s Books. I’m sure Craig Maxwell would help anyone who wanted one to find it. He’s a very good bookseller.

    I wept through Jane’s death scene. It was viscerally depicted.


    It also includes great family trees and a nice amount of illustrations, which I prize highly. Let me know, anyone, should you decide to read it. I would love to hear what you think.

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    1. That sounds like a really good read, Karylee. I’m very interested, and especially so in the family trees and illustrations. I will let you know how I get on trying to get a copy!


    1. I’m glad. You’ll have it soon, in your copy.

      Yeah, I’ve gotten my nights and days totally mixed up since being sick.

      Sleep fitfully and irregularly. Hoping to smooth that out soon.

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  6. Cass and Ada,

    The moment I opened my e-mail I was lost for words to describe both the shock and excitement that I felt tonight. This is my very first time to win a bunch of Jane Austen goodies and I am so excited to read your book with all the Austen feels! I cannot wait to get a hold of it, and I assure you that I will enjoy every word. I still can’t believe I won! Bless you both! ♥

    Lots of love, hugs, and kisses,

    Danica (thatlittlegirl)

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