More Giveaways, Interviews and an Excerpt!

Although there’s no guest blog post this week on Tabby Cow, we’re out visiting  some of our friends on their blogs!

JaneOdiwe copy 4Over at Jane Odiwe’s blog, Jane Odiwe Austen Sequels, there’s a new chance to win a copy of the book, plus NEW giveaway goodies of a Marvel Comics edition of Northanger Abbey, a china thimble with Northanger Abbey quote: ‘Oh, who could ever be tired of Bath?’, a Jane Austen silhouette pin and a pendant and chain with a Northanger Abbey quote re friendship.

PLUS, there’s an excerpt from The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen, where our heroine, Rose, finally meets the mysterious lady staying in the holiday apartment above her own home in 4 Sydney Place!

The giveaway ends on Friday this week, so there’s still time to enter by simply leaving a comment! Simples!


Today, we’re also being interviewed over at Janet Taylor’s blog, More Agreeably Engaged, plus there’s another selection of NEW goodies being given away with a copy of the book, including the screenplay of the 1995 Persuasion, a Jane Austen silhouette pin, a miniature copy of Persuasion from the Jane Austen House Museum and, last but not least, another pendant and chain with a quote from that letter from Captain Wentworth!

Remember, all giveaways are open INTERNATIONALLY! We’ve had winners on Tabby Cow so far from Poland, the USA, Wales and Germany! It would be fun to send a giveaway even further afield!

Good luck to anyone who enters, and we’ll be back tomorrow as we celebrate the official release day of The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen (even though the paperback has been out there for a few weeks ahead of when it should have been!)



8 thoughts on “More Giveaways, Interviews and an Excerpt!

  1. If Jane Austen did not publish her books there would be no Mr.Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Dashwood sisters, Captain Wentworth, Anne Elliot, Emma, Mr.Knightly and so many others heroines and heroes that have accompanied me for years. Truly, without Jane Austen’s books world would be so much bleaker place.

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    1. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it, Maria?

      Did you wish to enter a giveaway at all? If so, you could copy and paste your comment to the two places hosting them (links in the above post). Jane Odiwe’s ends today, but Janet’s runs into next week, so plenty of time!


  2. Oh my!! No books by our beloved Miss Jane??
    Well, I might get more accomplished instead of reading about my favorite characters and daydreaming about living in England and wearing fabulous dresses but what fun would that be???


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