Mr Darcy’s Persuasion – Launch Day Fun!

I’d only share this with you guys. Ada being the true nerd she is…

It’s a very different launch day for Cass and I! Normally we are together having a party with our family, friends and closest supporters!

We’ll be having a fab time, though, and will be celebrating from the time Cass gets up in Switzerland until I go to bed in California – an extra LOOOOOOONG day. Look out for posts and a giveaway or six. You can find us hanging out here (when we’re awake in our respective time zones): Facebook – Ada ond Cass and Instagram – @adacakes & @cassgraftonwriter

We’ll be doing some polls and silly interviews and contests in which you win nothing (but there will be giveaways too, lots of them)! Check in on Cass’s blog here to find out about the fab gift bundles we’re offering throughout the day!

We’re going to make it fun, we hope you join us and have some fun as well!